Are pineapple good for you ?


are pineapple good for you?…Sometimes questions like this do pop up in our minds and to easily understand the health implication of pineapple, one needs to more knowledge.

Pineapple (Botanical name known as Ananas comosus) is an incredibly amazing, delicious, and healthy tropical fruit. It has another breed in west Africa too. It is said to be originated from South America, where early European explorers named it after its resemblance to a pine-cone.

In addition to being ever-so delicious and amazing, pineapple is a storehouse of health benefits. This fruit is also good for your hair, skin, and bones.

Pineapple and its compounds have been linked to many health benefits, including aiding digestion, boosting immunity, and speeding up recovery from surgery, among others.

The benefit of pineapple to men

Pineapple is known as the “libido lifter.” They contain high levels of Vitamin C and thiamine, which promote happy hormones and give a boost of energy – both of which come in handy in the bedroom. Pineapples also contain manganese, which is revered for sexual health, especially among men.

The benefit of pineapple to women

Despite the claim that eating pineapple can be dangerous during pregnancy, there’s currently no research done to prove why it is wrong.

The fact is, pineapple can be a very nutritious addition to your diet while pregnant.

While needed in a small amounts to invoking the work of the copper mineral which is essential for red blood cell formation. During pregnancy, your copper requirements increase to 1 mg per day to support the increase in blood flow that occurs during pregnancy

Copper is also needed for the development of your baby’s heart, blood vessels, and skeletal and nervous systems which can be found in pineapple.

One cup (165 grams) of cubed pineapple provides approximately 18% of the DV for copper during pregnancy

Pineapple is also a good source of several B vitamins, including

  • vitamin B1 (thiamine)
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
  • vitamin B9 (folate)

While they each have their individual roles, B vitamins, in general, are key for the proper growth and development of your baby

Again, pineapple contains vitamin C and small amounts of iron, zinc, and calcium — all of which are important for a healthy pregnancy

In-depth general Benefit of pineapple

1. Treats Cold and Cough:

pineapple Aid in recovery from cold and cough. This is because this healthy fruit contains bromelain which is an enzyme that has inflammatory properties that can fight infections and kill bacteria. Eating it regularly can prevent you from a cough and cold. Well isn’t this a tastier option for you to get rid of that horrible cold and cough?

2. Strengthen Bones:

Pineapple is rich in manganese that helps in strengthening your bones. All you need to do is to add this fruit to your everyday diet and this will help you maintain a strong body and keep your bones strong and healthy. Manganese maintains good bone strength and when it is combined with zinc, copper, and calcium this substance can be super healthy. Thus, pineapple has all the components and this is why this fruit can aid in stronger bones.

3. Good For Teeth:

Eating pineapple is said to strengthen your gums and keep your health strong. Your teeth and bones are made up of calcium and pineapple do have good content of it. It also does have manganese that also helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Just drink pineapple juice every day and stay healthy.

4. Prevents Cancer:

A pineapple a day can keep cancer away and this is true in the case of this healthy fruit. All you need to do drink pineapple juice every day and reap the benefits of it. The best thing about this fruit is that it slows down cell damage and makes you look younger. This fruit has loads of antioxidants in it that can protect you from a wide range of diseases and fights some dangerous organisms that are may affect you.

5. Aids In Digestion:

Gulping down all of those tasty dishes can sometimes make you feel heavy and lead to indigestion. All you need to do is to drink some pineapple juice or eat it and you get rid of that stomach ache. Pineapple has a rich source of bromelain, dietary fibre and vitamin C that helps in good digestion.

6. Good for your Eyes:

Regular consumption of pineapple can reduce The risk of macular degeneration which is a disease that affects the eye as you get older. Moreover, this healthy fruit has a high source of vitamin C and several antioxidants that can aid in good vision.

7. Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis:

Arthritis involves severe pain in the joints which is primarily caused due to inflammation. Pineapple contains bromelain which is said to have a major anti-inflammatory property and all you need to do is to make pineapple juice and drink it. This will ease joint pain and prevent you from arthritis.

8. Prevents Hypertension:

If you are suffering from hypertension, then make it a point to start eating pineapples regularly as this fruit has high amounts of potassium and lower amounts of sodium that can maintain blood pressure and make you feel relaxed most often. This is the best natural way you can control your blood pressure level.

9. Reduces Risk of Blood Clots:

Bromelain being the major substance in pineapples will reduce your risks of blood clots. Thus, you need to make this healthy fruit your good time pass snack. It can benefit your health in many possible ways and so make it a point to consume this fruit very often.

10. Contain Antioxidants:

Pineapples are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that have the ability to prevent you from diseases that your body is prone to. Your body is prone to a lot of diseases as you age and as a result, this can cause chronic inflammation and weaken your immune system. Pineapple has antioxidants that can boost your immune system and protect you from many diseases.

11. Prevents Nausea:

Pineapple contains digestive enzymes that can reduce nausea. This is because of its bromelain enzyme that will take away nausea, morning sickness and can be very beneficial especially for pregnant women. How difficult can it be for you to sip a glass of pineapple juice? What are you waiting for? Go grab a glass of pineapple juice and stay healthy.

12. Natural Energiser:

Pineapple contains valine and leucine which are two substances that are very important for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Drinking one glass of pineapple juice can help you overcome fatigue and boosts your stamina to keep you running the whole day. The best thing about this fruit is that it will keep you hydrated the entire day and provide all the energy you would need to run yourself.

13. Stress Buster:

Pineapple has serotonin which is a natural stress buster that keeps your hormones and nerves relaxed. All you need to do is to eat or drink some pineapple juice and this will keep you healthy. When you are stressed you can end up inviting a lot of health problems. Thus, you can beat that stress by drinking just one glass of pineapple juice.

Pineapple Helps the skin and hair

Pineapple is good for your overall health and similarly, it is also good for your skin and hair too. If you are suffering from acne, skin rashes, or skin damage, then you need to consume this healthy fruit which will rejuvenate your skin and make it look clean and fresh. Here are some health benefits of consuming pineapple for the skin.

Pineapple is said to be rich in vitamin C and can aid in hair growth. Its rich source of antioxidants has the ability to prevent you from any sort of disease that you may be prone to. Vitamin C gives your hair an extra layer of silkiness and makes it look thick. Here are some benefits of eating pineapple for your hair.

14. Treats Acne:

Pineapple juice has loads of vitamin C and antioxidants that can treat acne, sun damage, and uneven skin toning. Bromelain is a content that can fight against inflammation and swelling in your joints. If you would want to look fair, then all you need to do is to consume 1 glass of pineapple juice that will help you beat all those scars caused by acne. It will also keep your skin hydrated and make your skin clear.

15. Anti-Ageing Properties:

The older you get your skin begins to lose its glow and you will begin to develop wrinkles. However, pineapple can make you look younger and delay cells from dying. Its a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C is said to boost your immunity and keep you energetic. The best thing about consuming pineapple juice is that it will make your skin smooth and add that extra layer of youngness over it. You can also add a few drops of lemon to it and this will multiply your benefits of anti-aging.

16. Prevents Pimples:

Drinking pineapple juice means that you are in taking Alpha-hydroxy acid which is the main substance that delays the death of cells, thus aiding in anti-aging capabilities. All you need to do is to apply some pineapple juice over your face and let it dry for 5 minutes. Once this is done, you can rinse it off with some water and this will flush away the toxins from your face, thus making your skin look vibrant and clean.

17. Treats Black Spots:

Pineapple can reduce black spots on your face and in order to achieve this, you need to rub some slices of pineapple over your black spots. You need to keep it on your face for 5 minutes and wait till it could dry. Once this is done you can wash it away with some water and this will nourish your skin and make it look young.

18. Softer and Shinier Hair:

Pineapple contains vitamin C that is responsible for softer and shinier hair. Bromelain enzyme is a substance found in pineapple that contains anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It’s a high source of antioxidants not only benefits your skin, hair, and health but also boosts your immunity.

19. Thick Hair:

Pineapple has hair thickening properties that will make your hair strong and avoid hair fall. The enzymes present in this fruit have vital nutrients that can enrich your hair follicles. This will improve the thickness and elasticity of your hair.

20. Cures Inflammation in Scalp:

If you are suffering from severe itching all you need to do is t try some pineapple and this will give you instant relief. This healthy fruit is said to ease inflammation in your scalp and prevent unwanted hair fall. So, make it a point to drink pineapple juice and get rid of hair fall.

21. May Aid weight loss

Pineapple is likely to cause weight loss . Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme is found in the juice of pineapple and helps in metabolizing protein, which in turn helps burn away the excess belly fat. You would be surprised to know that the star enzyme bromelain also works with other enzymes such as lipase to digest fats which help suppress your appetite,

bromelain extract is an effective digestive aid while using the juice as a marinade for meat dishes help tenderize them, making them more digestible. Good digestion means a speedy weight loss.

Pineapple Healthy Recipes:

Well, you may get used to eating raw pineapples and if so here are some tasty mouth-watering recipes that you can add to your diet.

1. Chocolate Dipped Pineapple:

Dipping some freshly chopped pineapple in chocolate and eating can get you addicted to it. However, here is what you need to have at first.


Here are some ingredients that you will need in order to make this tasty dish.

  • 1 peeled and neatly chopped pineapple
  • Dark Chocolate; and
  • 1 cup of toasted coconut flakes.

How to Make Chocolate Dipped Pineapple?

  • Firstly, you will have to take a bowel and place some dark chocolate on it. Then heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds and make sure that it has turned to liquid.
  • Remove it out of the microwave and stir it well and again place it back into it for another 30 seconds. Make sure that the dark chocolate has turned into liquid.
  • Then take the sliced pineapples and dip it in the chocolate liquid and add some toasted coconut flakes on it and have a bite. This will let your taste buds drench in it.

2. Pineapple Fried Rice:

Have you ever imagined possibly making pineapple fried rice and relishing its taste? There are certain things in which you need to keep in mind while preparing this, but before that, you need to know what you need to prepare this healthy dish.


Here is what you will need in order to get yourself a dish of tasty pineapple fried rice.

  • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger powder
  • ¼ tablespoon of white pepper
  • 3 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 neatly sliced onion
  • 2 carrots neatly peeled and grated
  • 1/2 cup of frozen corn
  • ½ cup of frozen peas
  • 3 cups of brown rice
  • 2 cups of freshly sliced pineapple
  • 2 sliced green onions

How to Prepare Pineapple Fried Rice?

Now that you have all your things ready, here are simple instructions that you need to follow in order to get yourself a tasty dish of pineapple fried rice.

  • Firstly, take a small bowl and add the soy sauce, sesame oil, whiter pepper, and ginger powder and keep it aside.
  • Now take another pan and add some olive oil and heat it on a medium flame.
  • Then add some garlic and onion to the pan and cook it for 4 minutes.
  • Now add some carrots, peas, and corn and stir it constantly until all the vegetables get tender. You need to cook this for 4 minutes.
  • Now add the pineapple, rice, green onions and constantly stir it well for 2 minutes. Your tasty and healthy dish of pineapple fried rice is ready to be consumed.

3. Pineapple Smoothie:

If you prefer having liquid for your breakfast, then you need to try out a pineapple smoothie and stay healthy. This drink is said to curb your appetite and keep your stomach full for a few hours so that you do not develop cravings.


Here is a list of ingredients that you would need to prepare your glass of healthy pineapple smoothie.

  • ½ medium banana
  • 1 cup of frozen pineapple
  • ½ cup of crushed ice
  • ½ cup of greek vanilla yogurt
  • One and a half cups of fat-free coconut milk

How to Prepare Pineapple Smoothie?

Now that you have all your ingredients ready, here is how you need to prepare this tasty and healthy drink to make your breakfast complete.

  • Firstly, you need to peel the pineapple and slice it into moderate sizes, add the banana, yogurt, and ice and blend it together. Then you will have to add some milk and make sure that it turns to a smooth liquid.
  • While adding milk, you need to add a ¼ cup at a time and boil it for 20 seconds and then add some more.
  • Now pour it in a glass and drink it up.

4. Tropical Pineapple with Oats:

Before heading to work in the morning, it is compulsory that you have your breakfast. There are few of us who do not like to eat anything but drink something. You need to know that eating can be more beneficial than drinking something in the mornings as this can aid in faster health benefits. Tropical pineapple with oats can be prepared within 10 minutes and this is one fast way in which you can prepare a healthy breakfast before you leave.


Here is what you need to get your tropical pineapple oats meals ready.

  • 1 cup of oats
  • One fourth (1 ¼) cups of almond milk
  • 1 cup of canned coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • One and a half (1 ½) teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 neatly chopped pineapple
  • ¼ cups of toasted coconut flakes.

How to Prepare Tropical Pineapple with Oats?

Here is what you need to keep in mind while preparing your healthy dish of tropical pineapple with oats.

  • Firstly, add the oats including almond milk and coconut milk to a pan and heat it on high till it boils.
  • Once this is done, reduce the heat and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Now you need to add the chia seeds, sugar, salt, and vanilla and stir well.
  • Once this is done cook it for another 5 minutes and your healthy dish will be ready.
  • Now can add the sliced pineapples to the oats and mix it. You can also add some toasted coconut flakes for better taste. Your dish is ready to be eaten.


1. What happens if you eat too many pineapples?

  • 1. Allergy =>An allergy is an immune system response to a foreign substance that’s not typically harmful to your body. These foreign substances are called allergens. They can include certain foods, pollen, or pet dander. Your immune system’s job is to keep you healthy by fighting harmful pathogens.
  • 2. Blood Sugar Levels =>A blood sugar level less than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L) is normal. A reading of more than 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) after two hours indicates diabetes. A reading between 140 and 199 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L and 11.0 mmol/L) indicates prediabetes.3
  • 3. Bromelain Reactions =>Bromelain is a major substance that is found in pineapples and this has its merits and demerits probably if you do not consume this fruit in excess. So make sure that you drink only one glass of pineapple juice every day and this will do you good.
  • 4. Drug Interactions =>Drug interactions are changes in a drug’s effects due to recent or concurrent use of another drug or drugs (drug-drug interactions), ingestion of food (drug-nutrient interactions), or ingestion of dietary supplements (dietary supplement-drug interactions).
  • 5. Tooth Damage =>Tooth decay is damage to a tooth’s surface, or enamel. It happens when bacteria in your mouth make acids that attack the enamel. Tooth decay can lead to cavities (dental caries), which are holes in your teeth. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss
  • 6. Oral Allergy Syndrome =>Oral allergy syndrome (OAS), a type of food allergy, is an allergic reaction that is confined to the lips, mouth and throat. OAS most commonly occurs in people with asthma or hay fever from tree pollen who eat fresh (raw) fruits or vegetables. Other pollen allergies may also trigger OAS.
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Excess menstrual flow
  • Swelling in your cheeks and mouth


2. Can you eat pineapple on an empty stomach?

Well, the answer is no because this can make you feel very uncomfortable if you do not have the habit of consuming before every breakfast. Make sure that you complete your breakfast and then consume some fresh pineapple juice and this would do you good. Consuming it on empty stomach can result in acidity.

Pineapples are a good fruit that can aid in good digestion, make your skin good-looking, and give a soft and silky touch to your hair, but it can also cause many health problems if this fruit is consumed in excess. Follow some of the above-listed recipes and you can get to cook many dishes of this fruit and reap the benefits out of it. So, keep in mind that you just need to consume one glass of pineapple juice a day and this will do you good.


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