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What’s wrong with planning?

Uncategorized planing is really not the best .When we go into a relationship saying, “I want to have 5 kids before I turn 30” we’re just creating a wish list.  What is the exact reason?  Do we plan our family size because everyone else is doing it?  Yes.  Why not just take it year by year?  I’ve mentioned before, I’m not finished having babies, and recently someone asked me, “How many do you want to have?”  My answer to a question like that is this: I don’t know.  I don’t have a specific number, I just don’t feel like this part of my life is over yet.  I could be completely wrong.  It may not be in the cards for our family to ever add another little person into our family.

How do we plan for an unplanned life?

So how can we teach our kids to make plans for themselves while also being open to the creative process?  How can we teach them to be patient and calm as life doesn’t go according to plan?  Can we see the “teachable” moments while the toddler drops to the floor to tantrum? or do we throw a tantrum ourselves because this part of our life is so inconvenient?  What are your thoughts?


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