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Malaria transmitted

malaria transmitted, How is malaria transmitted? Usually, people get malaria by being bitten by an infective female Anopheles mosquito. Therefore, Only Anopheles mosquitoes can transmit malaria and they must have been infected through a previous blood meal taken from an infected person.

Malaria is a disease caused by the parasite Plasmodium, which is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. Only the Anopheles genus of the mosquito can transmit Malaria. The symptoms of the disease include fever, vomiting, and/or headache. A characteristic malarial fever has ‘hot’, ‘wet’, and ‘cold’ phases and appears 10 to 15 days after the mosquito bites. To diagnose malaria, blood slides are examined under a microscope, where the parasite is seen inside red blood cells. Rapid diagnostic test kits (RDTs) are used for diagnosing malaria in remote areas where microscopes cannot be used.

Mosquitoes are considered “vegetarian” species as they feed on nectar and fruit juices. During pregnancy, though, they seek human blood cause they need to use its nutrients for the growth of their eggs.

When a malaria-infected mosquito bites a healthy person, the parasites enter his/her blood circulation in the form of sporozoites, that in a few minutes manage to reach the liver and enter its cells (Figure 1). There, they proliferate forming schizonts that will give birth to merozoites; merozoites are then released in the blood circulation where they invade the red blood cells. In there, they develop and multiply and then rupture the red blood cells causing symptoms to the infected human.


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